Comment:  The small "nick" in the right side of the "O" in  GOD is still evident on coins from each mint including the proof issues.  Many will also have a noticeable die gouge between the left and center peaks of the letter "W" in the word WE of IN GOD WE TRUST.  This die gouge is present on issues from both mints as well as on proof coins.  This imperfection will also be found on many coins from each mint including proof issues in 1962, 1963, and 1964.



Continuing "nick" in "O" of GOD



Gouge on the center peak (left side) of the letter W.




1961  (Philadelphia)



Mintage:  93,730,000 + 3,028,244 proof  (96,758,244 total)



Doubled Die List


1961  MD-1-O-VII(P,D,Pr.)   PUP:  Doubling on the lower loop of

                                                       6 of date.


                                                        Note: Due to the nature of this

                                                                  doubling, specimens will be

                                                                  found from both mints

                                                                  including proofs.



1961  PR-1-O-II-C                 PUP:  Medium spread on date, IN GOD

                                                        WE TRUST and LIBER of




1961  PR-2-O-II-C                 PUP:  Light spread on LIB of LIBERTY.



1961  PR-3-O-II-E                 PUP:  Light spread on IN GOD WE

                                                       TRUST and JS side by side.




1961  PR-1-R-V-CW             PUP:  Medium spread on UNITED and

                                                       ST of STATES.



1961  PR-2-R-II-C                 PUP:  Slight spread and extra thickness

         + VI                                       on UNITED STATES OF

                                                       AMERICA, ONE DIME, and

                                                       E PLURIBUS.                        



1961  PR-3-R-II-C                  PUP:  Minor spread on UNITED

         + V-CCW                                STATES, ON of ONE, and

                                                         E PLU.



1961  PR-4-R-II-C                  PUP:  Medium spread on UNITED

                                                        STATES OF, ONE, E PLU, left

                                                        branches and leaves.  Light spread

                                                        on AMERICA, DIME, and M of




1961     PR-5-R-II-C                  PUP:  Light spread on ONE and

+ VI                                        UNITED STATES.  Medium

                                               extra thickness on OF
                                               AMERICA, DIME, and M

                                               of  UNUM.




1961  PR-6-R-V-CW              PUP:  Light spread on UNITED. 





1961  PR-7-R-I-CW               PUP:  Light spread as notches on

                                                        most outside rim lettering with

                                                        the strongest on UNITED



1961  PR-8-R-II-C                 PUP:  Light spread on UNITED

                                                       STATES OF AMERICA.


1961  PR-9-R-II-C                 PUP:  Light spread on STATES OF

                                                       AMERICA, DIME, and UNUM.


1961  PR-10-R-II-C               PUP:  Light spread on UNITED STATES

                                                       OF, ONE DIME, and E PLU.











Mintage:  209,146,500



Repunched Mint Mark List



1961-D  RPM #1

D/D Rotated CW




1961-D  RPM #2

D/D West





Doubled Die List


1961-D  MD-1-O-VII             PUP:  Doubling on the lower loop

                                                       of 6 of date.



1961-D  1-R-II-CCW             PUP:  Medium doubling is evident on

                                                       the reverse lettering.


                                                        Note:  This coin is cataloged in the

                                                                   Cherrypicker's Guide by

                                                                   Fivaz and Stanton as