Comment:  There appears to be some deterioration of the designer's initials on the coins from 1959.  They are often indistinct and the "S" may appear to be little more than a blob.  On many examples, the bottom of the "S" is broken off.  This "broken S" is also found on the proof issues of 1959.  It would seem that the origin of this problem is likely to be from an imperfect hub.


1959  (Philadelphia)


Mintage:  85,780,000 + 1,149,291  (86,929,291 total)


Doubled Die List


1959  PR-1-O-VI                    PUP:  Extra thickness on letters and

                                                        date, JS top to bottom, and

                                                        IN GOD WE TRUST.


1959  PR-2-O-II-C                 PUP:  Light spread on date.






1959  PR-3-O-II-C+VI           PUP:  Light spread and extra thickness

                                                        on date, JS top to bottom, and






1959  PR-1-R-II-C                 PUP:  Medium spread on ERICA of

                                                        AMERICA, DIME, and a light

                                                        spread on ONE, UNUM, and

                                                        right stem.



1959  PR-2-R-VI                    PUP:  Strong extra thickness on all

                                                         lettering, dots, and lower stems.



1959     PR-3-R-II-C                  PUP:  Medium spread on all outer rim

          +VI                                         lettering with strongest extra

                                                         thickness on AMERICA,

                                                         UNUM, and right leaves.


1959  PR-4-R-II-C+VI            PUP:  Medium spread with extra

                                                        thickness on OF AMERICA and

                                                        ONE DIME.









Mintage:  164,919,790


Repunched Mint Mark List


1959-D  RPM #1

D/D North



1959-D  RPM #2

D/D South, Inverted



1959-D  RPM #3

D/D Northwest, Serifs




1959-D  RPM #4

D/D West





Doubled Die List



1959-D  1-R-II-C                    PUP:  Light spread on UNITED

                                                        STATES OF AMERICA and

                                                        ONE DIME.