Comment:  A small nick appears in the top center of the middle crossbar of the E in the word LIBERTY.  This small nick will be present on issues from both mints as well as on proof coins.


1958  (Philadelphia)

Mintage:  31,910,000 + 875,652 proof  (32,785,652 total)



Doubled Die List


1958  PR-1-O-VI                      PUP:  Medium extra thickness on

                                                          date, JS, and TRUST.



1958  PR-1-R-II-C+VI              PUP:  Medium extra thickness on ONE

                                                          DIME, UNUM, and OF

                                                          AMERICA.  Splits in both stems.

                                                          Light extra thickness on UNITED











Mintage:  136,465,000 


Repunched Mint Mark List


1958-D  RPM #1

D/D Rotated CCW