Comment:  Many of the dimes from both mints, including proof issues, exhibit doubling on the bottom of the JS.  This is probably due to a doubled master die.  This doubling is fairly minor and may be too insignificant to list as a doubled die variety.



1957  (Philadelphia)



Mintage:  160,160,000 + 1,247,952 proof (161,407,952 total)



Doubled Die List



1957  Unlisted                         PUP:  Doubling evident on bottom

      (see introductory                          of JS.




1957  PR-1-O-II-C (3)            PUP:  Medium spread on IN GOD WE

                                                         TRUST, JS top to bottom, and




1957  PR-2-O-VI                    PUP:  Slight extra thickness on date

                                                         and lettering.






1957  PR-Unlisted                  PUP:  Doubling evident on bottom

      (see introductory                         of JS.






1957  1-R-VI                           PUP:  Extreme extra thickness on all

                                                         letters and most leaves.


1957  PR-2-R-II-C+VI            PUP:  Medium extra thickness on

                                                        UNITED STATES OF

                                                        AMERICA and ONE DIME.



1957  PR-3-R-II-C                  PUP:  Light spread on ONE DIME and

                                                        OF AMERICA.












Mintage:  113,354,330



Repunched Mint Mark List



1957-D  RPM # 1

D/D Rotated CW


1957-D  RPM #2

D/D Rotated CCW




1957-D  RPM #3

D/D Rotated CCW



Doubled Die List


1957-D  Unlisted                     PUP:  Doubling is evident on the

        (see introductory                       bottom of the JS.