Comment:  Walter Breen, in his noteworthy encyclopedia of US coins, mentions a variety of 1954-S that is missing the designer's initials.  This variety probably resulted from the excess polishing of the working die in this area and is not the result of any design change.



1954  (Philadelphia)



Mintage:  114,010,203 + 233,300 proof  (114,243,503 total)



Doubled Die List



1954  PR-1-O-VI                      PUP:  There is extra thickness in the

                                                          date, JS top to bottom and IN

                                                          GOD WE TRUST, and head.


                                                             Note:  Nicknamed “Big Head”

                                                              due to the nature of doubling.

                                                              Head appears larger than





1954  PR-2-O-II-E                    PUP:  Light spread on date,  JS top to

                                                          bottom, and WE TRUST.





1954  PR-1-R-VI                       PUP:  Medium extra thickness on all

                                                           lettering around the rim, both

                                                           stems, and the M of UNUM.











Repunched Mint Mark List



1954-D  RPM #1

D/D North



1954-D  RPM #2

D/D Rotated CW



1954-D  RPM #3

D/D Rotated CCW










Mintage:  22,860,000






Missing JS variety

Breen # 3736



Repunched Mint Mark List



1954-S  RPM # 1

S/S/S Northwest

and South