Comment:  1951 begins a run of seemingly lackluster years of production.  Repunched mint marks are few and there is only one reported doubled die variety.  San Francisco issued uncirculated coins are considered semi-rare, but are not terribly difficult to locate.


     Of note, but of little significance, is the fact that for the first time since Roosevelt production began, one mint (Philadelphia) cracked the production level of 100 million coins in one year.




1951  (Philadelphia)



Mintage:  103,920,102 + 57,500 proof  (103,977,602 total)



Doubled Die List



1951  1-O-I-CCW+VI              PUP:  Medium spread on JS, IN,

                                                         WE, with light spread on

                                                         eyelid, and all outside hair curls.




1951  PR-1-R-II-C+VI             PUP:  Medium spread on all rim











Mintage:  56,529,000



Repunched Mint Mark List



1951-D  RPM #1

D/D North




1951-D  RPM #2

D/D North




1951-D  RPM #3

D/D South







Mintage:  31,630,000



Repunched Mint Mark List



1951-S  RPM # 1

S/S West


1951-S  RPM #2

S/S South


1951-S  RPM #3

S/S West

Note:  The RPM BOOK, 1983 , by Wexler and Miller lists a third RPM in an added section titled “Supplement A”.  Close examination will show that the third RPM is the same as RPM #2 listed in that text.


1951-S  RPM #4

S/S East