1952  (Philadelphia)


Mintage:  99.040,093 + 81,980 proof  (99,122,073 total)








Mintage:  122,100,000



Doubled Die List


1952-D  1-O-V-CCW                         PUP:  Medium spread on WE TRUST,

                                                                    JS, and date.



Repunched Mint Mark List



1952-D  RPM #1

D/D Northeast



1952-D  RPM #2

D/D Rotated CCW








Mintage:  44,419,500


Comment: A mint mark that appears larger than the normal “trumpet-tailed” style was apparently used for some coins from 1952.  It is approximately 10% larger than normal.  Different explanations exist for this phenomenon.  Perhaps it is the result of a different mint mark punch or perhaps it may be caused by the normal punch being set deeper in the die than customary.  More research is needed as to the cause.


                                         Normal "S"                                          Larger "S"                                    






Repunched Mint Mark List


1952-S  RPM # 1

S/S Northwest




1952-S  RPM #2

S/S East




1952-S  RPM #3

S/S/S East & West




1952-S  RPM #4

S/S West


1952-S  RPM #5

S/S South


1952-S  RPM #6

S/S South