Comment:  1950 is another key year for the date and mint collector, primarily because of the low mintage figures for the 1950-S.  Error and variety collectors will find a significant and highly sought after doubled die coin minted in Denver.  Catalogued as 1950-D  1-R-VI, it is a coin worth collecting in its own right.

     After a lapse of seven years, proof production resumed at the mint in Philadelphia.


1950  (Philadelphia)


Mintage:  50,130,114 + 51,386 proof  (50,181,500 total)


          Note:  The majority of proofs produced have

                     brilliant features.  A minority, those

                     earliest strikes from the new proof dies,

                     have satiny or frosty looking devices.



Doubled Die List


1950  1-O-V-CW                    PUP:  Strong spread on designer's

                                                         initials right to left with

                                                         additional thickness on date and

                                                         IN GOD WE TRUST.


1950  PR-1-R-II-C                  PUP:  Medium spread on OF

                                                        AMERICA, DIME, UNUM, and











Mintage:  46,803,000



Repunched Mint Mark List



1950-D  RPM # 1

D/D Southwest




1950-D  RPM # 2

D/D North





1950-D  RPM #3

D/D Northeast




Doubled Die List


1950-D  1-R-I-CCW               PUP:  Doubling is strong on torch,

                                                        base of right branch, leaves,

                                                        flame, and E PLURIBUS


                                                          Note:  This is one of the major

                                                          doubled die errors found in the

                                                          Roosevelt series.  It is highly

                                                          valued by error specialists.  It

                                                          is listed in the Cherrypicker's

                                                          Guide as FS-14 and in Breen"s

                                                          Encyclopedia of US Coins as







Mintage:  20,440,000



Repunched Mint Mark List



1950-S  RPM #1

S/S West, serifs

1950-S RPM #2

S/S East


1950-SRPM #3

S/S East


1950-S  RPM #4

S/S Southeast




Over Mint Mark List



1950-S  OMM #1

S/D Centered

Note:  Although this variety has been widely publicized as an OMM, it remains a controversial item.  Close examination seems to reveal that a D is visible within the upper and lower openings of the S.

     A second theory exists concerning this variety.  According to Ken Potter, the characteristics of this mintmark conform to what one would expect to see on an S/Inverted S.  Transparency overlays seem to support this explanation.

     As for now, this variety is still referred to as an OMM.  It is one of the most difficult Roosevelt dime varieties to locate.   It is catalogued by Fivaz and Stanton as FS-014.5.