Comment:  The years of numerous doubled die, RPM and OMM varieties come to an end with the production of 1948.  There are a few of these varieties scattered throughout the remainder of the series, but the number per year and mint are generally fewer than found in previous years.



1948 (Philadelphia)


Mintage: 74,950,000


Doubled Die List


1948 1-R-I-CW                                  PUP:  Strong spread on all rim

                                                                    lettering as notches, flame

                                                                    tips, stems, leaves, and






Mintage: 52,841,000


Repunched Mint Mark List



1948-D  RPM # 1

D/D North









Mintage: 35,520,000




Repunched Mint Mark List


1948-S  RPM # 1

S/S Southeast




1948-S  RPM #2

S/S West




1948-S  RPM # 3

S/S West




1948-S  RPM #4

S/S East


1948-S  RPM #5

S/S South


1948-S  RPM #6

S/S East


1948-S  RPM #7

S/S Southeast