Comment:  Beginning in 1947, the Roosevelt dime appears to have achieved some design stability.  F.D.R.'s profile and the major obverse and reverse features will remain unchanged through successive years until 1960.  There appears to be some minor variation in the size of the designer's initials.  The two styles observed seem to resemble the "large JS" and the "intermediate JS" found on the coins of 1946.  Mintmark varieties exist as well as RPM's, OMM's, and doubled die coins.  Although the number of collectable varieties is not as prolific as those found in the previous year, 1947 still offers a nice selection of collecting options. 



1947 (Philadelphia)



Mintage:  121,520,000



Doubled Die List



1947  1-O-II-C+VI                    PUP:  Light spread on date and JS top

                                                          to bottom with extra thickness

                                                          on lower edges of IN GOD WE




1947  2-O-II-C+VI                   PUP:  Medium spread with strong extra

                                                         thickness on date, JS, IN GOD WE

                                                         TRUST, and LIBERTY.







1947  1-R-II-C                          PUP:  Light spread on UNITED STATES OF











Mintage:  46,835,000


Comment: The mint mark punch is the same as that used

                 in the preceding year.





Repunched Mint Mark List

1947-D  RPM #1

D/D West


1947-D  RPM #2

D/D North



1947-D  RPM #3

D/D West


1947-D  RPM #4

D/D South



1947-D  RPM #5

D/D North



Doubled Die List


1947-D  1-O-II-E (3)                           PUP:  Strong spread on

                                                                    LIBERTY.  Light spread

                                                                    on date and IN GOD WE



1947-D  2-O-II-C                               PUP:  Light spread on JS and






1947-D  3-O-V-CCW                        PUP:  Medium spread on JS and







1947-D  1-R-II-C                                 PUP:  Light spread on the lower letters

                                                                     of ONE DIME.


1947-D  2-R-II-C+                               PUP:  Light spread on ONE DIME.




1947-D  3-R-II-C                                 PUP:  Light spread on DIME and












Mintage:  34,840,000


Comment:  As in the previous year, different styles of mint mark were used in the preparation of dies for the San Francisco Mint.  The "trumpet tail" and "sans-serif” styles are both used in 1947.  Walter Breen has suggested that this "sans-serif" mint mark was possibly intended for coins made for foreign governments.  Translated to English, the term "sans-serif" means "without serif".  For Roosevelt dimes, the "sans-serif" mint mark was not used after 1947.        



“Sans-serif” S




Repunched Mint Mark List


1947-S  RPM #1

S/S North

Note:  This took the place of the original RPM #1 which was

Reclassified as OMM #1.  See notes for OMM #1.


1947-S  RPM #2

S/S North



1947-S  RPM #3

S/S West


1947-S  RPM #4

S/S East


1947-S  RPM #5

S/S West




Over Mint Mark List



1947-S  OMM #1

S/D Centered

Note:  Although this variety is currently referred to as an OMM, whether this is actually a D/S, an RPM, or the result of a die chip is still subject to controversy.  Some currrent speculation is that this may be a "sans-serif" style "S" over an inverted serif style "S".  If this proves to be the case, it will again be listed as an RPM.  It is listed in the Cherrypicker's Guide as FS-13.




1947-S  OMM #2

S/D Centered

Note:  This OMM is listed in the Cherrypicker’s Guide as FS-12.




Doubled Die List


 1947-S  1-O-II-C                     PUP:  Light doubling LIBERTY, IN GOD

                                                          WE TRUST, and JS top to bottom.





1947-S  1-R-II-C+                    PUP:  Strong doubling on outer littering

              V-CW                                  and left stem.  ONE DIME

                                                          rotated with additional thickness

                                                          on E PLURIBUS UNUM.


                                                            Note:  Referred to as 1-R-I in

                                                            Cherrypickers’ Guide, 3 rd.

                                                            edition by Fivaz and Stanton. 

                                                            Cataloged as FS-13.5