One of the most important things that any coin collector can do is to become knowledgeable about numismatics in general as well as about specific areas of interest.  In addition to obvious sources of knowledge such as a textbook or another knowledgeable collector, there are some fine numismatic organizations which are excellent resources as well as reporters of current events within the hobby.


     The American Numismatic Association  (ANA)  is a national organization devoted to the broad spectrum of numismatic interests.  Among  its many functions, the ANA maintains a large text and video resource lending library, sponsors educational workshops, maintains a vast numismatic museum, hosts conventions, and publishes a monthly journal for members.


     The Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America  (CONECA)  is a national organization devoted to education and the study of numismatic errors and varieties.  Members enjoy the benefits of a magazine  (ERRORSCOPE)  filled with interesting articles about errors and die varieties, a lending library, as well as the annual ERRORAMA.  Held in conjunction with another major coin show, ERRORAMA is a gathering of the most renowned variety and error specialists, dealers and collectors from around the world.  Educational programs, discussions and displays are just a part of this event.


     The ANA and CONECA are just two of the general and specialized organizations which help preserve and perpetuate the coin collecting hobby.  Membership in these and other numismatic organizations is highly recommended.   If you have not already joined, please do yourself a favor and send in your membership application as soon as possible.  Membership applications are available online for the ANA at and for CONCECA at