This text is dedicated to the memory of


James L. Stiness.




     Many of the good friends that I have today, the people that I associate with, and the daily activities that give me joy have all become part of my life as a result of having had Jim Stiness as a friend.  Actually, Jim was more than a friend.  He gave me my first break in the coin business by allowing me to work in his coin shop when he was away on vacation and attending coin shows.  The store was small.  It was a "coffee-klatsch" place where customers could come in and sit and talk about coin collecting, old movies, or whatever was important at the moment.  This experience gave me extensive exposure to the wider numismatic community and really spurred my interest in most every area of numismatics.  For a dozen years I was  "brought up" in this atmosphere.  I learned a lot about the business, but more meaningful, is the way in which my life has evolved and has been enriched by it all.



     Jim was a good individual.  He was single, attended church as often as possible, loved and respected his parents, and was first to offer a helping hand when one was needed.  He never expected anything in return for his kindness.  He was an individual you could always count on.



    Jim gave me more than I ever had the chance to return to him.  I am a lucky man as well as a better person for having known him.